Welcoming Atmosphere & Family Friendly

We are a family owned and operated business; My wife and I took over back in 2005 and have always wanted to build a welcoming business that is known for outstanding customer service. 

We are very involved in the community; we are members of the Clearwater American Legion Post 323 and The Clearwater Lions.

Some of the charities this year are pictured below - if any families need help organizing a benefit/fundraiser please contact Nicole Theisen at (320)-558-2199 and leave your name and number. 

We also enjoy having local vendors in on Sunday Afternoons. We have a variety of parties set up from Lip Sense, PartyLite, ItWorks, etc. 

— 2017 Benefits/Fundraisers —

We are here to help in any way we can

Paving the Way for Brett

Fire Fighters with PTSD

Boy Scouts Golf Tournament